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Old Town Pasadena May Have Supernatural Places You Might Want To Know About

By Alex Cordero Have you ever had a drink or two somewhere in Old Town Pasadena and suddenly feel an eerie presence you can’t explain? That’s because there might be more than craft beer, themed cocktails, and delicious food luring you in all over Old Pas. Some of the popular pubs in Old Town Pasadena…

Weekend Wanderings: Crawling the Gold Line

Weekend Wanderings: Crawling the Gold Line

By Susan Motander Last weekend, John Wilson led an intrepid group of Arcadia Rotarians (and a few wives) on a pub-crawl along the Gold Line.  We wandered through the Arts District, stopped at the Del Mar Station in Pasadena and finally returned to Arcadia with a final stop at Mt. Lowe Brewery within walking distance of…

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