Mayfield Captures League Title but Falls Short in Postseason Tourney

Despite running out of gas in the league tournament, the Mustangs of Mayfield won the league title with a 7-1 record. – Courtesy photo / Twitter, @MJSAthletics

By Aaron Valdez

In a nice change of pace, the Mayfield Junior School girls’ basketball team etched themselves in the history books as it put together a remarkable run in its 2018 campaign.

The Mustangs made a name for themselves this season as Head Coach Melissa White and her team played plenty of exhilarating basketball. Despite coming up short in one game, the girls won the other seven, which earned them the 2018 Independent League Title over rival schools such as Polytechnic, Rio Hondo Prep and Westridge.

In two of those regular season games, Sophia Heredia drained a game-winning three-pointer against Polytechnic and one in overtime against Westridge. The final contest of the season came against High Point, in which the team was able to grab the big win for the elusive league title.

Unfortunately for the Mustangs, they were eventually upended in the league tournament that took place on Monday at Mayfield Junior School. Last season, Mayfield went undefeated in league.

December 5, 2018

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