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PUSD Board President and Superintendent Responds to Measures I and J

PUSD Board President and Superintendent respond to the recent passage of Measures I and J. – Courtesy photo

Dear Pasadena Unified Community,

On Nov. 6, Pasadena residents invested in the future of our schools with the resounding passage of Measures I and J. On behalf of the Pasadena Unified School District Board of Education, students, and staff, we would like to thank the Pasadena community for their tremendous vote of confidence.

We are grateful to Mayor Terry Tornek, members of the City Council, and countless community supporters for their trust and belief in this great school district.  Pasadena Unified has made huge strides. To have the residents of Pasadena embrace our schools is an enormous privilege and honor.

Funding from Measure J will assure our schools of a local revenue source to support innovation and enhancements to our already-strong academic programs. Measure J brings investment capital to build on the excellence that gives our graduates a competitive edge for college, careers, and active citizenship.

To ensure the long-term success of our schools, we first need to make sure that our budget and fiscal plans are as sustainable and strong as possible.  The Board of Education and district administration are committed to developing a budget that enables us to live within our means each year while preserving the quality of educational opportunities for all children.

New revenue from Measure I will be used wisely. While the new source of revenue will position our district for more success, we still have to make tough decisions. We must continue the arduous work of right-sizing, and will examine all elements in our budget, including personnel, programs and services, state and federal mandates, and operating cost-effective schools. It will be difficult, but we are committed to working together in common purpose with our stakeholders toward outcomes that are fair, equitable, and effective in the long-term. We are beyond the point where self-interest and preserving the status quo constrain us from making courageous decisions.

Once we get our budget stabilized, Measure I funding can be targeted to long-term goals. We are committed to working together in common purpose to build confidence in our district, making the right decisions for our students, and building enduring relationships that strengthen our schools.

With heartfelt appreciation for your support of our students and schools,

-Board President Larry Torres and Superintendent Bryan McDonald


November 12, 2018

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  1. Richard says:

    PUSD, Once again just words with no real actions. You’ll get some new money but you won’t use it wisely. You have had over 40 years now to fix the school system and it continues failing while private schools all around us seem to have taken the lead. I’ll bet this offer will continue to go south and more excuses for a fix will continue to be used.

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