Letter to the Editor: Funding Hamas

Dear Sir – would you like to publish this letter?
If the Afghan people were to democratically elect the Taliban, or the Iraqis ISIS, the western world would abandon them to the sorry fate that they chose for themselves and certainly not give them money nor any moral support. So why is it different for the Palestinians? Hamas, which has shown in recent days its sheer disregard for the lives of the people that they are responsible for, did not come to power in a vacuum. Hamas, whose very raison d’être is anti-peace, anti-Jewish and dedicated to the destruction of Israel, was democratically elected by the Palestinian people. It is time for the international community to recognize this fact, and make the message clear to the Palestinian people that while they support a Palestinian state, statehood comes with responsibilities. The last thing the world needs is another terrorist state.
Michelle Moshelian
Hana Senesh 5

July 24, 2014

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