Letter to Editor: Recognition of Laura Jimenez

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Dear Editor,

I wish to publicly thank Ms. Laura Jimenez, staff member for California State

Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez.  After many, many years of our school district’s inability to collect $11,500 in unclaimed property from the State Controller’s Office, Ms. Jimenez interceded on our behalf and, using our Senator’s “Good Offices,” was able to convince the Controller to release $11,500 for our El Monte City Schools.

This action was prompted by the El Monte Union High School District Board Member, Professor Esthela Torres de Siegrist. As a board member on her own, she has been able to recuperate tens of thousands of dollars in unclaimed property for our El Monte Union High School District.  To see if you, dear reader, or anyone you know has “unclaimed property,” in the Controller’s Office, simply go online to: sco.ca.gov and troll. You may be very pleasantly surprised. Good luck!

David Siegrist, El Monte City School Board Member

September 20, 2017

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