U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown Visits All Saints Church in Pasadena

Photo by Alex Cordero

Local residents Les Brown and Patsy Van Dyke are personal friends of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown and came to All Saints Church in Pasadena to show their support as the senator discusses “Desk 88” and current politics. – Photo by Alex Cordero / Beacon Media News

By Alex Cordero

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, from Ohio, visited Pasadena to discuss his new book “Desk 88,” which he says is about hope and progressive eras in our country, at All Saints Church this past Saturday night. A classroom of attendees showed up to support Senator Brown for the event organized by Vroman’s Bookstore.

Brown was interviewed by Miriam Pawel about the book — which included topics about innovators versus conservators, the lessons he learned from the eight progressive senators described in his book, and impeachment, among other political topics pertaining to “Desk 88.”

Pawel brought up a section in the book about Senator Hugo Black that illustrates how Black learned to use “the probe” process better than anyone else in congress during the 1930s. Black used the probe as a tool to push for a progressive agenda to discover corruption in corporations. The discussion transitioned to how Black’s probe process is playing a key role in the way current Congressional investigations are developing, specifically impeachment hearings. Senator Brown mentioned the probe process is currently reflected by Congressman Adam Schiff. “He is doing extraordinarily well; you should really be proud of him. I think he’s great at this [impeachment probe].”

Photo by Alex Cordero

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown from Ohio and Miriam Pawel discuss “Desk 88” and other hot political politics. – Photo by Alex Cordero / Beacon Media News

I think we have no choice when Richard Nixon didn’t even do the things Trump did: bribing a foreign leader to get something for himself.” Brown continued, “I will be one of 100 jurors. I’m hopeful that all 100 of us will look at the evidence, and the evidence only, and make the decision that I hope my 53 Republican colleagues will keep the same way: that this is not a decision of popularity or political support.”

“This is a decision based on the evidence and the President has a right to defend himself. I know what I think now but I have not seen all the evidence. I haven’t seen the President’s defense and I’m unwilling to commit. Nor should any of my 99 colleagues commit on what we will do.”

During the evening Brown also discussed California’s model of progressive values. He expressed approval for the way the Golden State challenges the President and the status quo in Washington, and how aggressive the state is in doing so. He used the ban on plastic bags and bans on assault weapons as just a few examples of how California sets the tone for progressiveness in the nation.

During the Q-and-A session of the evening, a local resident addressed the big elephant in the room. “Senator, I saw you on Bill Maher last night, great job. He asked you again, will you join the race [the presidential race] and you said, again, no.” She wrapped up her comment with the following proposal: “But, since you keep saying no to that, is there any way we can say — whoever the nominee for the Democratic Party is for president — will you please throw your hat in the ring for vice president?”

Brown responded by explaining that accepting the office would risk losing his Democratic seat in the Senate to a Republican and it would be challenging for democrats to win the seat back.

He also shared his belief that the Democratic Party will not pick a male vice presidential nominee if a man earns the presidential nomination. He also truly believes the Democrats will win the next presidential election.

November 20, 2019

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