Two students at South El Monte High lose digits in tug of war game Monday

A game of tug of war at a local high school turned disastrous when two students had their fingers severed it was reported on a local television news broadcast.
Actually, according to sources close to the case, one student severed four fingers & lost a thumb and more than likely will not be able to have them reattached because of the extensive damage.
The contest was apparently part of the ‘ spirit week ‘ festivities at South El Monte High School.
About 40 students were participating in the game, which was held at lunchtime, according to students at the scene.
The ‘tug of war’ rope snapped and severed fingers from the hands of a male and female student.
The two students, Edith Rodriguez and Pablo Ocegueda were transported to County USC Medical Center. Doctors on Monday where surgery was performed hoping to reattach the fingers.
Spirit week is continuing at South El Monte High School..
The school said counselors are on hand for any students who need to talk to someone.
The school district said it is reviewing policy to see if tug of war will be allowed in the future.

February 7, 2013

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