Restraining Order Placed on Candidate Ed Chau by Los Angeles Superior Court

A Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge ordered temporary restraining order on Ed Chau and Ed Chau for Assembly from further disseminating Mrs. Lin’s social security number. Even after lawsuit was filed against Mr. Ed Chau for invading Mrs. Lin’s privacy by printing Mrs. Lin’s social security on thousands of mailers, Ed Chau continued to broadcast Mrs. Lin’s social security number on Youtube and cable TV ads.
Mrs. Joy Lin was left with no resort but to seek a restraining order on Ed Chau and Ed Chau for Assembly Campaign. Ed Chau was served on October 31st and ordered to appear on court on November 27th.
Ed Chau told reporters that LA County should have redacted the social security number and his campaign was not responsible.
Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich issued the following statement in response:
“I am shocked and appalled that 49th Assembly District candidate Ed Chau, a trial lawyer, would blame our County Clerk and not his campaign for not redacting the personal information of Mrs. Joy Lin in his political mailers and commercials. His actions are inexcusable and shameful and expose Mrs. Lin to identity theft for years to come. As a lawyer, Mr. Chau should be in the forefront of protecting privacy rights not stifling them for political gain,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.

November 2, 2012

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