Pasadena Vice Mayor Calls for Firing of Officer Who Killed Anthony McClain

Tyron Hampton during Anthony McClain protests
Vice Mayor Tyron Hampton confronted by protesters last week following the shooting death of Anthony McClain in Pasadena. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

During Monday’s council meeting, Vice Mayor Tyron Hampton called for the immediate firing of the Pasadena police officer involved in Anthony McClain’s shooting death.

A deeply passionate Hampton pleaded with his colleagues to be transparent and accountable in this investigation.

“As it relates to video, I didn’t see the footage before it was released … the young man was shot in the back. That shiny silver object [seen in the video] could have been his belt buckle. There was no guarantee it was a gun at that point.”

Hampton continued, “The involved officer’s body worn camera was off… he had plenty of time to turn on the BWC. Why was [McClain] shot in back?”

Two shots were fired and one bullet was found in a nearby home, which Hampton pointed out could easily have killed someone in that house.

“Why has he not been fired? Put on leave?” The vice mayor questioned City Manager

Steve Mermell who refused to comment on the matter citing ongoing investigations and personnel rights. Councilmember John Kennedy also was deeply concerned as to why the city manager would not disclose the disposition of the officers involved. “It’s inappropriate.  I fully support the vice mayor’s concerns and demands,” Kennedy said. “We need to know the status of these officers,” he concluded.

Vice Mayor Hampton concluded that he was extremely disappointed. “This young man was shot in the back because his friend did not have a license plate on his car. That young man could be me, my nephew my neighbor. We have to hold the police accountable. Fire this officer,” Hampton said.

August 26, 2020

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