Will Your Home Need Mandated Retrofitting? Find Out With This Interactive Retrofit Map

Screen capture of interactive map showing soft-story buildings that will potentially need retrofitting. – Courtesy photo / John Orona

By John Orona

Last week the Pasadena City Council approved a plan to limit potential damage from earthquake-vulnerable buildings by requiring some soft-story homes to retrofit and upgrade their structural integrity.

The ordinance will group these buildings into three categories based on the number of units. Each category will have five years to complete the upgrades but Priority 1 buildings will have to begin first. You can find out if your building will need upgrades and what priority it falls under using this interactive retrofit map.

Priority 1 buildings are labeled with a red marker, Priority 2 with a yellow marker and Priority 3 with a green marker. The list contains properties that may be subject to the ordinance but a final determination will be completed within the coming months.

March 4, 2019

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