Pasadena Police Release OIS Video from May 8

Chief Perez has released the Officer Involved Shooting video from May 8 – Photo by Terry Miller

On Tuesday, June 23, Pasadena Police Chief J. Perez invited local reporters to a press conference regarding an officer involved shooting that occurred in the city May 8.

The initial press conference was slated to be in person, however after a Police Dept. Commander developed a temperature during a brief television interview Monday regarding a fireworks story. Out of an “abundance of caution,” PIO Lisa Derderian said,  those present at that  event, including the fire chief and police chief have all gone into self-isolation .  The commader has been tested for COVID-19 and the results will be in 24 hours hopefully, Chief Perez said.

The release of the video is in line with the police department’s transparency promise to release body worn camera footage of any major incident.

On Friday, May 8, 2020, at approximately 3:35 p.m., Pasadena Police Department personnel were in the area of Walnut Street and Meridith Avenue when they attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage for a vehicle code violation. Lloyd Nelson Jr., the 47-year-old male driver and solo occupant of the vehicle failed to yield, and a vehicle pursuit ensued. Nelson drove recklessly through city streets, and officers discontinued their direct pursuit while the Pasadena Police helicopter monitored the suspect from above.

The video has been released and is now on the Pasadena Police web page at:

The dramatic video from multiple cameras shows Nelson firing two shots directly at an officer from the windscreen of his car. He then gets out and continues to fire at officers when the suspect was struck.

Pasadena Independent learned that the suspect had two additional weapons in the vehiclwe with 100 rounds of ammunition. The guns were not registered to him. The dept. learned that Nelson had 5 guns registered to his name but have yet to recover those weapons.

The pursuit was ended through the use of a pursuit intervention technique (PIT) at Corson Street and Allen Avenue, resulting in the death of the suspect and one officer sustaining a gunshot wound to the leg.

The Pasadena police officer who sustained a shot to his leg as a result of the rapidly changing events during the initial shooting was likely hit by one of their own during the ensuing encounter with Nelson. He is recovering well, Chief Perez said on Tuesday.

Detectives responded to the scene and immediately commenced an investigation, scouring the area for witnesses and evidence. The investigation has revealed that the suspect shot at officers immediately at the conclusion of the vehicle pursuit, resulting in the exchange of gunfire and the suspect’s ultimate death. Three firearms were located inside of the vehicle driven by the suspect.

June 23, 2020

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  1. Steve Rose says:

    Every video released within a month and a half of a police involved shooting. Appears to be a very legitimate and professional action by police. Well done.
    How about having video accessible for all other police actities in a timely manner?

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