Pasadena Police Improve Access to Information

The Pasadena Police Department is increasing its public information efforts by providing more crime statistic information on its website and the radio frequency codes for the public to listen to radio calls for service.
The change comes on the heels of numerous requests from Southern California newspapers for transparency when the dept. went to a digitized frequency which essentially blocked the media from monitoring the PD frequencies.
On Thursday, June 14 the Pasadena Police Department released programing information needed to listen to the Pasadena Police radio.
Pasadena Chief of Police Phillip L. Sanchez said, “I am pleased to provide access to the department’s information sharing networks, which includes the police radio talk group code. Listeners will hear the initial broadcast to include call type, location and time of occurrence. The technology solution strikes a balance between open communication, victims’ rights and enhancing emergency response.”

The technical information for the Pasadena Police Department’s talk group is 39760 or 2485, depending on the make and model of the digital scanner. The public will now hear the initial call for service broadcast; however, according to a press release “follow up transmissions will be encrypted.”

The Pasadena Police Department saId that crime data is available on the department’s website. The community can check for specific crimes within a day of the reported incident on Information can also be obtained by viewing posted crime statistics on line at or by subscribing to NIXLE. Closed calls will be updated twice daily and will contain information from the most recent five-day period. For safety and privacy reasons, incidents involving minors, sexual assaults and other sensitive call types will be excluded from the daily postings. The log can be seen at

June 21, 2012

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