Pasadena Parking Restrictions Back in Force

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At the Pasadena City Council meeting Monday, the city authorized the resumption of the following enforcement activities:

  • Meter payments and enforcement resumed June 9. Warnings to be issued for one week, with citations to resume June 16. 
  • Enforcement of time limits in residential neighborhoods resumed June 9. Warnings to be issued for one week, with citations to resume June 16.
  • Vehicle booting and impounds for non-critical purposes to resume Aug. 1. 

Council deferred action on the following items, meaning suspension of enforcement will continue until council determines they should resume:

  • Overnight parking enforcement. 
  • Enforcement of daytime street sweeping restrictions. 

There will continue to be designate 20-minute zones to facilitate curb-side pick-up. Customers should be mindful of those zones as they will be enforced accordingly

June 11, 2020

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