Pasadena Fire Arson Investigators Make Arrest

38-year-old local man suspected of torching Victorian home Wednesday night

By Terry Miller

Pasadena fire units responded to a house fire at 30 W. Mountain St. on Aug. 1 at around 10:15 p.m. The fire was initially suspicious in nature.

Engine 36 was the first unit to arrive and reported a two story Victorian house with flames from the second story. Engine 36 initiated a deck gun operation for a quick attack in front of structure (Alpha side). Engine 33 arrived and assisted with fire attack with a 2 ½-inch hand line down the driveway and exposure assessment. Engine 31 arrived and initiated fire attack on the Delta side of the structure alone with Rescue Ambulance 36. Truck 31 arrived on scene and setup a ladder pipe operation on the Alpha/Delta side. Battalion 3 requested Verdugo Fire Communications Center (VFCC), and Urban Search and Rescue 32 (USAR32). Battalion 3 arrived on-scene and established command as Mountain I.C. Truck 32 arrived on scene and setup their ladder pipe operation on Alpha/Bravo side of the structure.

Officers contacted witnesses at the scene who described a possible subject last seen in the building before it caught on fire. The PFD Arson Investigator arrived on scene to conduct an investigation. One of the witnesses who was still at the scene saw the same subject from earlier standing in the crowd at the location and pointed him out to the arson investigator. The subject was contacted by the arson investigator and a preliminary interview took place. Field show-ups were done with other witnesses who positively identified the subject. He was arrested at the scene and transported to jail.

Mountain IC requested a second alarm assignment through VFCC, USAR 32 arrived on scene and was assigned Rapid Intervention Crew with Alhambra Truck 71. Deputy 3 arrived and assisted with Command Post support and the Public Information Officer (PIO). Pasadena Police units assisted with traffic control. The fire was controlled using a defense attack method, and utilizing fire master streams. The fire was quickly extinguished at 22:59:35 hours (42 minutes and 18 second after arrival), with no injuries reported.

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The fire was extinguished in 42 minutes after the arrival of PFD. – Photos by Jamie Nicholson / Pasadena Fire

August 2, 2018

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