Oak Avenue Intermediate School’s Proactive Approach to Bullying

For the past four years, the Counseling and Guidance Department at Oak Avenue Intermediate School, with the support of school administration and staff, has facilitated a unique event designed to educate students regarding the destructive influence of bullying.

For two days a year, the school library is turned into a museum which highlights the negative impacts of bullying on young people. Titled the Oak Avenue Museum of Tolerance, the project represents a collaborative effort of staff members who see the value in delivering the message to students that all humans deserve respect.

The exhibits are comprised of student written work, multimedia presentations, and a “chalk walk” featuring artwork with a message about tolerance that was designed by 8th grade students through their English class. The objectives of this project are to promote acts of kindness on the campus, to give young people the tools and strategies to deal with conflict/harassment issues in a healthy way, and to make Oak a bully free school.

Oak Avenue Intermediate School services students in grades seven and eight in the Temple City Unified School District.

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February 9, 2012

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