Local Record Breaking Heatwave is Far From Over

Children stay cool at Del Norte Park in West Covina. – Photo by Alex Cordero / Beacon Media News

By Alex Cordero

The first heatwave of 2018 started off on Friday, July 6 and several local cities had record breaking temperatures. Triple digit temperatures were reported in cities like Monrovia, Woodland Hills, and Burbank. The excessive heat also caused several fires throughout California leading Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency in cities like Hornbrook and San Diego. Local community centers were prepared to provide cooling centers for locals trying to escape the heat. Do these new high-record temperatures really come as a surprise? Or have these climate changes remained an “inconvenient truth” for over ten years or more?

The City of Monrovia had a total of 15-degree difference in temperatures in the last twelve months. According to, last year Monrovia’s heat record was 98 F on July 6. This last Friday, Monrovia’s temperature was 113 F. Could it be possible that triple digit climate weather will be the new norm for our local cities? Local media reported that the Burbank Airport had an all-time record heat of 114 F with a previous record of 113 F set in September of 1971. Did you find yourself anywhere near these scorching hot cities last Friday? If so, how did you cope with the weather?

The combination of dry, high winds and hot climate can be dangerous. As you may already be aware, these conditions only elevate the possibilities of causing brush fires. Fire departments are on alert and take precautions by notifying the public about possible fire warnings, and by evacuating residents who may be in harm’s way of a spreading fire. Several evacuations were set in place due to brush fires this past Friday. Thousands of people were told by authorities they had to leave their homes because their communities were in danger. In some other cases, people were not allowed to go into their homes because of fires spreading rapidly and their homes being threatened by the blaze. Are you prepared in case of a fire emergency?

Local cities were ready to provide local residents with cooling centers after several reports forecasting the heatwave. In Pasadena, the Jackie Robinson Center and Villa-Parke were among cooling centers residents could enjoy and escape the heat. Local libraries also offer a no cost cool environment for locals to relax in. However, if relaxing is not really what you are into, there is always the Pasadena Ice Skating Center for a fresh activity during these hot rising temperatures. You may also find the best of both relaxation and play in the City of West Covina, at Del Norte Park. The park includes a water play area for the little ones to keep wet and cool. Staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen, and being prepared for a brush fire emergency is something you could consider in order to survive these dangerous climate conditions. Please visit for more heatwave safety tips.

Is this heatwave far from over? Meteorologists are saying that mornings will be mostly cloudy, and temperatures may remain high next week. However, there is moisture flowing from desert areas in which we might expect rain. Yes you read correctly, rain. With temperatures remaining high for next week, humidity will add mugginess and more uncomfortable weather conditions to your day-to-day routines. We are still in the early stage of summer and you have plenty of time to get prepared for these dangerous heatwaves. Keep safe, be aware of brush fire warnings in your area, and try to stay cool.

July 12, 2018

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