Governor Signs Portantino’s Open Carry-Long Gun Bill – AB 1527

Governor Jerry Brown today signed Assemblymember Anthony Portantino’s groundbreaking legislation banning the open carry of rifles and shotguns in California’s cities.
AB 1527, supported by California Police Chiefs and PORAC which represents rank-and-file police officers, will outlaw the practice of carrying unloaded long guns on the streets and malls of California cities.
“I want to thank Governor Brown for recognizing the importance of this public safety measure that will help reduce the threat of gun violence for the public and for law enforcement,” stated Assemblymember Portantino. “Open Carry wastes law enforcement time and resources by taking attention away from criminal activity and solving crimes. It’s a bad situation for everyone – the police, the gun owner and innocent families who could be injured by this risky and unnecessary brandishing of weapons on Main Street, California.”
AB 1527 makes it a crime to openly carry an unloaded rifle or shotgun in public in incorporated cities. It is a follow-up to Portantino’s bill last year banning the open carry of handguns (AB 144). Violations are a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $1000. Law enforcement personnel are exempt as are hunters and others carrying unloaded weapons under specified licensed circumstances and in most rural areas.
“I had hoped that the earlier measure banning open carry of handguns would solve this problem but when long gun advocates attended a police fundraiser it became clear that there was more work to do. When law enforcement asks the legislature for help because of a public safety risk, I’m going to try to do my best to help them,” commented Portantino
Carrying loaded firearms in public is already against the law in California. The dispute came to a head when gun enthusiasts began showing up in coffee shops, restaurants and public beaches with unloaded guns strapped to their hips. This year, some of the same gun enthusiasts started carrying unloaded long guns in public places.
The ban on “open carry” of rifles and shotguns will go into effect January 1, 2013.
Gov. Brown also signed Portantino’s AB 1559 that will allow California filmmakers to use certain weapons in their productions and reduce fees for multiple gun purchases by eliminating double or even triple fees for gun purchases on same date and time.

October 4, 2012

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3 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Governor Signs Portantino’s Open Carry-Long Gun Bill – AB 1527”

  1. constitutional right says:

    This news release is full of lies. First there’s nothing “groundbreaking” about this law at all as it is a complete copy of last session’s gun ban. Second, this law does nothing to make people safer since there are zero known cases of people openly carrying rifles around town, unless for lawful purposes such as transporting guns to firing ranges, gun shops, camping or hiking. In other words, this law punishes law-abiding gun owners by further complicating California law and making it harder to be a gun owner. The effect of these laws is that courts will force counties to issue more concealed weapons permits to all eligible citizens. Until now, courts have upheld police discretion on grounds people had the option to open carry. Now that option is gone, counties must issue concealed carry permits.

  2. Um, it’s NOT true to say that “Carrying loaded firearms in public is already against the law in California.” California law allows (1) concealed handgun permit holders to carry concealed loaded handguns pretty much everywhere in California, and (2) the open carry of loaded handguns and long guns on foot and in vehicles in unincorporated territories provided that the County, and only the County, has not banned all firearm discharge. See People v. Knight at

  3. John Wilburn says:

    Portantino claims: “Open Carry wastes law enforcement time and resources by taking attention away from criminal activity and solving crimes.”

    Portantino himself has wasted a whole career funded by the taxpayers in the name of disarming the law-abiding who, by definition, are the only ones that will comply with this year’s latest power grab by the elite.

    He goes on to say: “It’s a bad situation for everyone – the police, the gun owner and innocent families”

    He’s right about that. The criminals didn’t lose anything; everyone else did. The bad situation for police, gun owners, and innocent families is the defenseless spiral that Assemblymembers like Portantino keep Californians moving down. Where does it end?

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