Two of Four Candidates for Pasadena Chief of Police Revealed

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Originally published Nov. 26 @11:27 a.m. / Last updated Nov. 28 @9:48 a.m.

Commander Cheryl Moody and Interim Chief John Perez on shortlist

By Terry Miller

The comprehensive process to select Pasadena’s next chief of police has been ongoing and inclusive and the city manager hopes to have it completed early in 2019.

According to Pasadena City Manager Steve Mermell, early in the process the search firm recruiter retained by the city, Teri Black, met with numerous internal and external stakeholders to develop an accurate and thorough understanding of the ideal candidate profile for Pasadena. Three community-wide meetings solicited feedback as did an online community survey. This feedback helped inform the development of the job posting and assisted the recruiter in identifying potential candidates who would be good fits for the city. A thorough, nationwide recruitment was conducted that included advertising, traditional and electronic marketing including a direct mail campaign, extensive personal outreach, and the use of social media venues.

By the application closing date of Oct. 28, the city received two dozen applications. Subsequent to the application deadline, the search firm developed an initial assessment of the candidates identifying a tiered grouping of the top eight. Following a review with the city manager and director of human resources, four candidates were selected to move forward in the process. All of the candidates advancing in the process are currently serving at the commander rank or higher in law enforcement organizations and represent a broad array of assignments in their respective management careers.

In December, the four finalists will be interviewed by a panel of community members, followed by an additional round of interviews with the city manager and key executive staff. Under Pasadena’s Charter, the police chief reports to the city manager who is solely responsible for the appointment.

“The city received applications from many individuals seeking to become Pasadena’s next police chief. While we will not comment on the qualifications of any particular candidate, all of the applicants were screened by an objective, third party recruiter on the basis of qualifications, which were listed in the recruitment brochure, and all of the finalists are presently serving in law enforcement at the commander rank or higher,” shared Mermell.

UPDATE: Nov. 28 @ 9:48 a.m.

Pasadena Independent has confirmed that Interim Chief John Perez is on the final four short-list of candidates for the permanent position of Pasadena Police Chief. In addition, this newspaper has learned that Commander Moody of Pasadena PD is also on that shortlist.

The comprehensive process to select Pasadena’s next chief of police has been ongoing and inclusive and the city manager hopes to have it completed early in 2019.

Initially, we knew of only two candidates locally who applied for the position. One is John Perez, who is Interim Police Chief of Pasadena and the other a retired former Lieutenant with Pasadena Police Department, Phlunte’ Riddle.

With that in mind, it was in an email from the city’s search committee, that Phlunte’ Riddle was notified that she would not be interviewed for the position. We reached out to Riddle who said this in an email to Pasadena Independent:

Thank you to all my friends in the community for your encouragement and support for the position of Chief of Police for the city of Pasadena. Unfortunately, I was notified via email by the city’s search committee who has been retained by City Manager, Steve Mermell, that I will not be offered an interview for the Chief of Police position.  

“It goes without saying; I am disappointed by the decision to not allow me an interview for the position. I would have made a significant contribution to the police department and the Pasadena community at large. 

“As the process for police chief continues, I encourage the community to stay involved. This is after all, our community!” 

November 28, 2018

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