Two People Shot in Pasadena Monday Night Near Memorial for Anthony McClain

Makeshift memorial for Anthony McClain. | Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

By Terry Miller

Pasadena police received a report of multiple shots fired in the immediate area of a local park. Officers responded and located approximately 30 shell casings on Raymond Avenue but found no victims at La Pintoresca Park near the makeshift memorial for Anthony McClain who was shot and killed by Pasadena police in that vicinity on Aug. 15.

“A car was seen speeding away from the area and was stopped near Mountain Street and Seco. The driver of the car was a male — resident of the City of Orange — in his 30s who sustained a gunshot wound to his neck. The injury is serious but not considered life threatening. The PD was notified that a female — 40s, Lancaster resident — had been dropped off at Pasadena Fire Station #36 who also sustained a gunshot wound to her back … also serious but not life threatening,” Lt. William  Grisafe told Pasadena Independent in a written statement.

Detectives are investigating to determine the motive. It is too early to determine if the shooting was a result of the Anthony McClain memorial, Grisafe said.

“In an attempt to mitigate future violence, the PD will be at the park to provide high visibility for prevention and intervention efforts. If the need arises, enforcement action will be taken. It is a difficult balance between public safety and the ability for family/friends to mourn the loss of a community member, but the police chief has the responsibility to provide a safe environment for the community and will not waiver from those duties.”  

October 20, 2020

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