OIR Report on McDade shooting handed over to City of Pasadena – No word on content

Pasadena city officials met with the Office of Independent Review Group last Friday for the purposes of receiving its report related to the officer-involved shooting of Mr. Kendrec McDade.

The City currently has the report and is reviewing it. The city press release sent out states: “As of today, no determination has been made if any of it can be disclosed to the public or press. Consistent with our earlier statements, the City does plan to present the report’s recommendations, along with the Police Department’s responses, at an upcoming City Council Public Safety Committee meeting.”

The City had requested that the OIRG provide an independent investigation and evaluation, with recommendations, about the thoroughness and objectivity of the Pasadena Police Department’s post-shooting investigation; the officers’ training and, as a result, a review of the tactics they used, plus any other “lessons learned” from this event. The report’s recommendations are the key part of the report.

Police Chief Phillip Sanchez stated, “The Pasadena Police Department requested the independent review by OIR Group and the OIR report recommendations will be taken very seriously.”

August 11, 2014

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