Former Arcadia police officer gets 180 days in jail


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A former City of Arcadia police officer was sentenced in Los Angeles Tuesday to 180 days in county jail and probationary period of three years thereafter for pilfering more than $40,000 from the Arcadia Police Officers Association.
According to the Los Ageles County DA, Christian Blesch began stealing funds from the Arcadia Police Officers’ Association after being elected treasurer in 2011.
The 37-year-old Blesch used the association’s credit cards to purchase parts and accessories for his motorcycles as well as personal items like exercise equipment, cigars and clothing, according to the prosecution. He used funds from the association’s checking account to pay the credit card bills.
Blesch has apparently paid back the amount stolen.
He resigned from the Arcadia Police Department and turned himself to authorities on Oct. 2.
The court ordered Christian Blesch to surrender Nov. 5 to start serving his sentence.

October 2, 2014

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