City of Pasadena Considers Action Against Attorney for Wrongfully Identifying a Police Officer Involved in the Fatal Shooting of Anthony McClain

Attorney Caree Harper is under fire for invalidly naming the police officer in the Anthony McClain OIS. – Photo by Terry Miller/Beacon Media News

By Terry Miller

While the city reels from the aftermath of the fatal shooting of Anthony McClain on Aug. 15, more questions than answers remain.

Two separate attorneys have filed civil rights claims against the city and police officers involved. Caree Harper, Esq. has filed a claim on behalf of the grandmother of Mr. McClain. Michael Carrillo, Esq. has also filed a claim on behalf of Mr. McClain’s father as of Wednesday, Aug. 26. The city has 45 days to respond to Carillo’s claim.

Meanwhile, the city learned that Harper and some in the media had erroneously identified the officer who allegedly killed McClain. The city’s public information officer, Lisa Derderian, sent out the following statement regarding the matter:

“In Attorney Caree Harper’s (Anthony McClain) claim against the city of Pasadena she names the wrong police officer which is now jeopardizing his safety. Several media outlets have published it. The City is strongly considering taking action against Harper for placing this Officer in harm’s way.”


We requested comment from Harper via email Friday. Here’s her response:

“How dare the City of Pasadena have the unmitigated audacity to threaten a civil rights attorney who has made a governmental tort claim (protected by the litigation privilege) based on several witness accounts and independent videos and photographs.  The Pasadena Police Department just killed another UNARMED Black man, Anthony McClain, right after shooting UNARMED  teenager Kendrec McDade multiple times in the back, followed by choking UNARMED Reginald Thomas to death in front of his children. 

“We believe that the City will soon have to admit that there is absolutely no fingerprints or forensic evidence linking Anthony McClain to this random raggedy handgun. Meanwhile, the Law Offices of Caree Harper will not be bullied in the pursuit for justice for the McClain family just because the City of Pasadena would like nothing more that (sic) to shift the blame and change the narrative.

“If the City is truly worried, then they should correct any errors by releasing the names they say are the correct names instead of releasing edited unbelievable propaganda in the case.  If the situation was reversed, the names would have been released.  The shooting was done in public and there is no expectation of privacy especially when they are in uniform and not undercover.

“We invite whatever action the City feels they can undertake against our office because ALL of their skeletons will be subject to subpoena that time.  

“If/when new information arises that necessitates an amendment to the Tort Claim, it will be amended at that time.”


August 28, 2020

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