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Beating Victim to File Civil Rights Lawsuit against City of Pasadena and 2 Police Officers In Nov. 9 Incident





Pasadena PD Officer pulls gun on the suspect Nov. 9 after which he beats Christopher Ballew- Screen Grab from Dash cam video –Courtesy City of Pasadena

By Terry Miller


The city of Pasadena has been silent on the incident that has garnered a great deal of media attention in the past week after an unknown person videotaped an altercation at a local gas station.  The city, did, however, release body worn camera footage late Friday. The videos and entire incident, as well as dash cam video showing the altercation, are available for all to see on our website and the city of Pasadena’s site.




In addition to severely beating Chris Ballew, one of the two officers also pulled his service weapon on the suspect after he was already on the ground, handcuffed.


John Burton, an attorney retained by Ballew’s family, told Pasadena Independent he was stunned by the video; “ I’ve never seen an officer go out of control so quickly, he’s a sick sociopath,” Burton said in a telephone interview Monday morning. Burton poised the question…“Esparza was going to shoot ( Chris) …over a tinted window?”


“Pasadena Police Chief Sanchez is a coward, refusing to put these officers on suspension.  He doesn’t want to upset the rank & file in the PD,” Burton said.


The Incident resulted in a broken fibula for Ballew and a lot of unanswered questions as to what exactly happened and why it escalated to the point of violence.


Ballew’s attorney said he admires Chris for waiting to speak to the media regarding the case. His position is clear and he’ll speak along with his attorney at a press conference Wednesday.


When we have that information we’ll bring it to you.

December 18, 2017

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