Beacon Media Announces Launch of Hey Media

Multimedia business will serve Southern California communities with investigative news and interactive business offerings

Over the past 25 years readers have come to know and trust Beacon Media as a news and community engagement organization and today we announce the launch of Hey Media, a new venture that will continue Beacon’s legacy of providing local news to Southern California markets. Very soon, Hey Media will launch our first regional product,, targeted at younger consumers.

Beacon Media began with just one paper in 1996 but since then we have delivered quality journalism throughout Southern California through our network of 22 bi-weekly local newspapers, despite ongoing challenges in the news markets.

Hey Media’s presence will continue in the Greater Los Angeles area, San Gabriel Valley and San Fernando Valley, serving over 200 communities. Von Raees, CEO and founder, says Hey Media will continue providing hyper-focused news to smaller communities while expanding regional and national news coverage and business resources.

“Hey Media is breaking ground where traditional media, newspapers, and digital media channels are lacking. By leveraging the depth and breadth of its large-scale corporate resources and technologies, the long-standing hyper-local focus of Hey Media’s leadership will now direct Fortune 500-level resources to niche communities with an authentic feel,” he added.

Along with original reporting, Hey Media will be aggregating content from other local, regional and national sources to keep readers informed on issues that impact their communities.  

As a part of this expansion, Hey Media will continue to grow current advertising consulting programs. Due to the changing nature of journalism and advertising, Hey Media’s advertising team will create content for local businesses that more effectively targets local communities with resources and methods traditionally exclusive to national and international enterprises. This will be accomplished with cutting edge AI content curation, video production facilities and advanced digital marketing.

Hey Media will continue to focus on social justice and impact issues, which has been a part of our mission from the beginning. 

“Our company is rooted in the idea of social justice and equality which we have moved the needle on through hard-hitting investigative journalism since inception,” said Raees. Along with traditional investigative journalism covering these issues, Hey Media will debut a short-form video series titled, “Impact Chamber.” The video series will explore the ways that people can create real and lasting change for the challenges of our world today.

The year 2020 has brought many difficulties to communities around the world due to COVID-19, unemployment, economic decline and issues of racial injustice. Hey Media plans to continue to cover these stories and make a positive impact on communities and businesses in Southern California.

September 24, 2020

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