Animal rights advocate sues HBO over equine deaths during filming of ‘LUCK’ at Santa Anita

The Associated Press and other media outlets reported Thursday that an animal-rights advocate who oversaw working conditions on the canceled HBO series “Luck” has sued the network and the American Humane Association, claiming horses on the show were grossly mistreated.
Barbara Casey’s lawsuit which was filed Monday, Dec 31 in Los Angeles claims underweight, sick and drugged horses were used in the making of the film.
The series canceled in March after four horses died while in production, Casey said.
Casey was working for the American Humane Association overseeing the well-being of the horses and says she was wrongfully fired after complaining about inhumane conditions on the show.
HBO has repeatedly said it took every precaution to ensure the horses’ safety during the production at Santa Anita.
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-Photo by Terry Miller

January 8, 2013

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