63 Pounds of Erectile Dysfunction Chemical Found in Passenger’s Luggage at LAX

63 Pounds of Erectile Dysfunction Chemical Found in Passenger’s Luggage at LAX
Tadalafil Estimated Domestic Value is $179,000

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Tom Bradley International Terminal stopped the attempt to smuggle over 63.3 pounds of tadalafil, the main chemical component of erectile dysfunction drugs. The substance with an estimated domestic value of $179,000 was seized on January 6.
CBP officers referred a 40 year-old Korean national, for secondary baggage examination where his plans went limp. During their inspection of his two carry-on luggage, CBP officers noticed several heat sealed pouches containing a white powdery substance. The passenger claimed the powder was a Chinese herb.
The pouches were detained and samples of the substance were sent to Laboratories and Scientific Services (LSS), CBP’s scientific arm. LSS chemists identified the powder as tadalafil. A filed application or approval is required to introduce a new drug into interstate commerce which the passenger lacked.
“This is another prime example of the daily vigilance of CBP officers at LAX. I commend their dedicated efforts which often result in interceptions of contraband and prohibited items at the frontline of our borders,” said Todd C. Owen CBP Director of Field Operations in Los Angeles.
The Office of Field Operations is responsible for securing our borders at the ports of entry. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers’ primary mission is anti-terrorism. They screen all people, vehicles, and goods entering the United States, while facilitating the flow of legitimate trade and travel into and out of the United States.

January 13, 2012

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