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The Inner Ring: Resolutions vs. Goals

Instead of resolutions, set goals. – Courtesy photo

By Robbie Alexander, NSCA-CPT, APDT

Do you want to be known as a dreamer or more of a goal achiever? Every year at this time, so many people get caught up in the same old, New Year’s traditions. There are New Year’s party plans, Rose Parade campouts, football games and of course, the resolutions to change various aspects of your life. Unfortunately, people don’t talk about “why” they desire to achieve their resolutions or how they will plan to invest in accomplishing their definition of success. How much common sense is really common practice when it comes to resolutions? I intend to at least get your creative processes going for experiencing real success momentum all the way to the end of 2020.

In the book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” the great Steven Covey talked about “being proactive” and “beginning with the end in mind.” With these philosophies in mind, I’m going to list a few things you should be at least thinking about before the New Year begins so you can start planning your 2020 game plan more effectively.

Five Year Vision

God’s word says, “Where there is no vision, the people parish.” So what’s your vision for each area of life? Get specific. Before setting goals, there has to be a vision. Set aside some quiet time to visualize your new lifestyle. Include all the details. The people, new habits, income sources as well as the new way you will sit, stand, walk and talk. Allow yourself to really have fun with this step.

Annual Goals

Resolutions are weak. Goals with timelines however, are much more powerful especially when homework and financial investments are connected to them. Without slaying life’s “dragons” don’t expect to obtain “gold.” These goals should be birthed from your five year vision. Every year, I sit down with a paper calendar and chicken scratch what monthly goals I’m going to accomplish, what the costs will be and by what specific dates they should be done.

Monthly Small Goals (Steps)

These are “bite sized” smaller goals that are much more attainable and will develop the confidence and momentum for accomplishing your bigger annual goals.

Weekly Accomplishments

Here’s where this journey gets interesting. Earn your weekend by accomplishing the fitness, career, relational, spiritual and mental tasks that will make you do a victory dance and high five yourself. Finish every week with a personal reward and prepare for accomplishing new goals the following week.

Daily Victories (The 5 a.m. Plan)

Every morning, rise at a time that will give you at least two hours before you have to leave to your morning destination. The goal is to see how much I can accomplish before leaving the house which begins with making a flawless bed and may include praying and worship time, training, reading, cleaning and organizing before showering. Daily morning discipline is how my five year vision becomes a reality.

It is my hope that this article can give you a head start for experiencing success in 2020 and beyond. If you hit a plateau this year, like everyone does from time to time, remember your “why” and the “end vision” of your life five years from now. This is the key for higher motivation, unstoppable drive and continued action toward success.

Real health begins with inner wealth.

December 26, 2019

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