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Medicare Changes In 2019

Remember you only have until Dec. 7 to select a plan and make changes. – Photo by Alex Cordero / Beacon Media News

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By Alex Cordero

Have you had the opportunity to take some time to review what will affect your Medicare plan coverage for 2019? If not, consider this time to be the right time. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have announced the 2019 Medicare Parts A and B, premiums and deductibles. If this is not enough to get you excited about your Medicare Plan maybe their new form of obtaining information and resources will.

The CMS is modernizing the way they do business for all their beneficiaries. For example they have updated their website. The website has been upgraded for easier and better navigation to be able to explore all the Medicare plans. In addition, all the information you need is at a one stop shop at The information found on the website is designed to empower the beneficiary to make better informed decisions about their health plan. You will be able to compare plans much easier. In addition, according to an article on , as part of their new eMedicare initiative they released a mobile optimized out-of-pocket cost calculator that will provide information on both overall costs and prescription drug cost. Imagine how many pains you will save with this amazing tool designed with you in mind.

Medicare costs are the main changes for 2019. These are not ridiculous amounts of increases in cost, and with the new mobile calculator you will be able to choose the Medicare plan that will best fit your budget. For example, one of the changes in cost is the inpatient care deductible that Part A covers. You will pay $1,364 when admitted to a hospital an increase of $24 from 2018. In Medicare Part B, beneficiaries will be paying a monthly premium of $135.50 in 2019. That is a $1.50 increase from 2018. In addition, in Part B members will pay an annual deductible of $185 in 2019. Overall Medicare Advantage will decline in cost while plan choices and new benefits will increase. It is estimated that Medicare Advantage will decrease by six percent in 2019.

Please visit to become an expert on Medicare. You may also obtain a 2019 fact sheet for Medicare Parts A & B here. And for more detailed information on 2019 Medicare Parts A and B premiums and deductibles please visit this webpage.

December 6, 2018

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