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Here are three ways to avoid the “Fiscal Cliff” in 2013 in your health and fitness program

The nation is in an uproar about the “fiscal cliff”. The Congress is staying up night and day trying to solve this huge financial burden on the average taxpayer in America. We are all going to pay more taxes then ever before. In the meantime to reduce stress, to help you to stay healthy and positive, here are three simple solutions to avoid the “fiscal cliff” in your health and fitness program.
1. Exercise is the key to quality in living as well as productivity in your daily life. The experts are saying that as little as forty minutes three times a week can keep you in good health. Do you need a gym membership? Not really. You can use the great outdoors in California. You can walk. You can cycle. You can do a fitness routine using light dumbbells right there in your home or your backyard. You can create your own bootcamp in your backyard using basic bodybuilding and conditioning exercises. Saving money is a great thing to do at this time with a healthy routine. The biggest expenditure is healthcare in this nation. Reduce the costs in your life by staying healthy.
2. Nutrition is important to your health. Obesity is running rampant in the United States. We have a diabetes epidemic. Some experts say one out of seven people have some type of diabetes. Are you one? Start the day with fruits like bananas, honeydew, cantaloupe, blueberries, apples, oranges and other delicious choices. Locally we have many different markets that carry a wide selection of fruits and vegetables. Eat whole grain breads and cereals along with lean protein. Eliminate large restaurant meals that contain sodium and fat, as well as many calories that are going to put on the weight. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Cut back on the extra pounds that are hard on the heart, the joints, and your overall health.
3. Your mind and your attitude toward life is a key to staying healthy in the year 2013. Begin the day with prayer and study. Ask God to lead you in the best behavior that is possible in your life. Many ancient philosophers, prophets, and teachers have emphasized a very important proverb: YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK! Are you positive about life? This is a great time to change the attitudes, thoughts, and patterns of living. Be productive, stay positive and enjoy life with those around you. As professional fitness trainers we have found that those who felt they could improve their health by implementing simple exercise programs, good nutrition, and positive thinking were successful in accomplishing their goals. BE A LEADER IN 2013 AND STAY OFF THE FISCAL CLIFF. YOU CAN DO IT!
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January 8, 2013

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