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Valentine’s Day Guide 2020

By Brianna Chu

Valentine’s Day can be a struggle to plan for (or maybe that’s just me, and my indecision in choosing where to eat, talking), so for anyone else still strategizing their Valentine’s Day plans, I’ve put together some suggestions on places to grab drinks, dinner, and dessert. There is a range of formality, price, and cuisine for your consideration; and of course, should you be interested in learning more about the restaurants, you can always read more about them in detail!


Copper Still Grill | Monrovia | $$

This warm bar-centered spot boasts a selection of local beers, pale ale, and lagers as well as made-to-order cocktails – whatever your fancy may be that night.

Opens: for lunch and stays open until late night

Magnolia House | Pasadena | $$

A young, hip spot to grab a drink housed in a beautifully renovated 100-year-old Craftsman bungalow. There are plenty of small bites and heavier fare to accompany your beverages, too.

Opens: from breakfast until late night

The Raymond 1886 | Pasadena | $$

This tucked out of the way bar and restaurant serves delicious, expertly crafted cocktails and mocktails. A warm, romantically lit atmosphere to start off your evening.

Opens: at 4 p.m. for dinner hours


New/Classic American

The Derby | Arcadia | $$-$$$

Treat yourself to a menu full of American classics at this site of equestrian history, from decadent steaks and prime rib to fish and seafood.

The Raymond 1886 | Pasadena | $$-$$$

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, The Raymond 1886 is a gorgeous, intimately lit Craftsman cottage whose menu celebrates New American fusion and flavor.


Bone Kettle | Old Town Pasadena | $$

Warm your hearts with a bowl of Bone Kettle’s signature bone broth soup or any of their incredible Southeast Asian fusion menu items in this young, modern restaurant.

Osawa Pasadena | Old Town Pasadena | $$-$$$

Whether you’re interested in fresh sushi, succulent wagyu beef, bento boxes, or shabu-shabu, Osawa is the place to go for all your Japanese food cravings.

Sierra Fusion | Sierra Madre | $$-$$$

This cute and eclectic spot serves fusions and twists on Japanese and Mexican cuisine and beyond. Sierra Fusion is serving a special Valentine’s Day chef’s dinner, including six courses with a chef-chosen wine pairing for each, but make sure to book in advance to reserve a spot.


Celestino Ristorante | Pasadena | $$

High-quality, classic Italian cuisine with a range of luxurious handmade options in a gorgeous, upscale restaurant.

Mi Piace | Old Town Pasadena | $$

A chic, modern restaurant, bakery, and bar serving a mix of traditional Italian offerings and modern takes of Italian classics.

Mexican and South American

1810 Argentinean Restaurant | Old Town Pasadena | $$

Authentic Argentinian fare made by hand in-house, with organic and thoughtfully sourced ingredients, serving great steaks and grilled meat choices, pastas, salads, and more.

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant | Pasadena | $$

A warm, casual spot with that home-away-from-home feel that is sure to satisfy every Mexican cuisine craving, and unsurprisingly serves fantastic (and large) mixed margaritas.


Amara Chocolate and Coffee | Old Town Pasadena | $$

Authentic Venezuelan churros, chocolate, and coffee served in a cozy cafe in Old Pasadena. Dipping churro plates are perfect bites to share, and what’s more romantic than sharing sweets?

Closes: 9 p.m. on Fridays

Lêberry Bakery | Pasadena | $-$$

Beers and mimosas, organic and sustainably sourced coffee, and vegan and celiac-friendly donuts in a fun, modern space make for a sweet pick-me-up post dinner.

Closes: 10 p.m. on Fridays

Wanderlust Creamery | Old Town Pasadena | $-$$

If you’re feeling like a cool treat instead, consider a trip to Wanderlust Creamery. The many unique flavors of ultra-creamy ice creams will take your palate on a journey.

Closes: 11 p.m. on Fridays

February 12, 2020

About Author

Brianna Chu Brianna Chu is an opinion writer for Beacon Media who was born and raised in Pasadena. She loves to cook and to eat, is a lifelong viewer of Food Network, and enthusiastically introduced the tradition of Thanksgiving dinners to her British and European friends while earning her degree at the University of St Andrews. While they absolutely hated going around the table and saying what they were grateful for every year, they also loved the excuse to get together and feast with friends enough to endure it anyway. She also occasionally writes play reviews. She caught the theater bug in high school, acting in five plays and two musicals in high school, and continued to act, produce, and direct in university as well.

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