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Next Week MDC Serves Up Beef, Pork and Chicken Sliders During “A Taste of Old Pasadena” On Tuesday September 16

MDC Burger Giveaway Line
Next Week MDC Serves Up Beef, Pork and Chicken Sliders
During “A Taste of Old Pasadena” On Tuesday September 16

What would inspire people to stay up all night, wake up long before the sun came up and stand, sit or lean for hours upon hours eagerly awaiting the doors to Meat District Co. to open?

Free Burgers…and lots of them!

The hearty promotion to launch the new restaurant’s loyalty program, The Cleaver Club, rewarded the first hundred customers in line this morning with an extra-special membership card that allows them one free burger a week for a year!

“We had an wonderful turn-out of such friendly people and lines wrapped around the block,” said Meat District Co. General Manager Fallon Gomesz. “It was such a pleasure to welcome the first hundred customers this morning to our loyalty program with a free burger of their choice each week for a year. There are many more perks and surprises for our loyalty club members to come so we encourage everyone to join the Cleaver Club and visit Meat District Co. often.”

The new destination restaurant, which boasts a mouthwatering ‘paddock to the plate’ inspired menu and one-of-a-kind dining experience, is already prepping for its next event; participating in this year’s “Taste of Old Pasadena” which is presented by Pasadena Association of Realtors Charitable Foundation and takes place on Tuesday September 16, 2014 from 5:30pm to 9:00pm.

One of many featured Old Pasadena restaurants, the Meat District Co. will be serving up a variety of specialty sliders including beef, pork and chicken.

“Meat District Co. is thrilled to participate in ‘A Taste of Old Pasadena,’” continued Gomesz. “It is a fantastic event put on by the Pasadena Association of Realtors Charitable Foundation that benefits many local charities.”

The community-focused eatery, that works in partnership with some of America’s most sustainable producers to deliver unique quality and sumptuous dishes made of 100% natural ‘Never Ever’ (hormone, steroid and antibiotic free), beef burgers, prime steer steaks, ribs and more, also recently announced that a sweet contribution on the Meat District Co.’s children’s menu will benefit Young & Healthy, a local non-profit that provides comprehensive healthcare to low-income children throughout greater Pasadena who lack or have inadequate health insurance. Meat District Co. donates each dollar, of the $1.00 special vanilla ice-cream treat, in support of the organization and its strong message to the community and beyond that “In Pasadena, every child matters.”

Located in the heart of Old Pasadena at 69 North Raymond, Meat District Co. blends old-school charm and contemporary style in an open yet rustic space, where guests are encouraged to eat, drink, relax and “let the addiction begin.”

Stay up to date on what’s cooking at Meat District Co. by visiting www.meatdistrictco.com and like us onfacebook.com/MeatDistrictCoPRG. Meat District phone number is 626.765.9902.

For further information on Meat District Co., to schedule a time to speak with Meat District Co. principals or to schedule a time to visit the restaurant for media reviews, please contact Lauren Lewis at 818.970.0052 or llewispr@aol.com.

September 10, 2014

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