Brazi Takes the Bite out of Making Delicious Cheese Bread Puffs

Brazi Takes the Bite out of Making Delicious Cheese Bread Puffs

By Terry Miller

Last week, we at Beacon Media were treated to some samples of a new food product called Brazi Bites.

They arrived, complete with dry ice to preserve the little buggers.  But what are they, you say?

  • Well, after we unpacked the goodies and finished playing with the cool dry ice pack, we discovered the Brazilian Cheese bread Bites/puffs were a delightful Latin inspired bread with cheddar and Parmesan cheeses to whet the appetite.

One problem, we needed to bake ‘em. We only have a microwave in the office and I know I’d ruin them if we did that.

So we took them home carefully, and baking the little yummies for twenty minutes the next day – Viola, a tasty Thanksgiving treat for any table was complete. Guests rushed to the kitchen to see what all the fuss was about!

The bites turned a slight golden brown and after removing them from the oven, they were very good on their own.  No need for butter or anything but that’s a personal choice. The smell in the house was wonderful.

The Brazi Bites are now available at Costco. Or go to their website: – there are several flavors from which to choose. Get some for the upcoming holidays, you’ll be glad you did.

December 3, 2019

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