Who is Pasadena Mayoral Candidate Major Williams?

Major Williams is a frequent visitor at Cross Campus for coffee meet-ups on Fridays, a business networking event for local entrepreneurs in Pasadena. – Photo by Alex Cordero / Beacon Media News

By Alex Cordero

Major Williams wants to be the next Mayor of Pasadena in 2020 and is turning the uncertainties some local residents may have about him into opportunities to gain their vote.

He understands why his community may be more curious about him than other candidates and is open to addressing anything the community may be interested in learning more about, whether about him or his proposals. Williams was the first candidate to register with the City Clerk’s Office and the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Part of his campaign is to present a plan called The Pasadena Fund to create “residential prosperity” in the Crown City.

Williams is 41 years old, likes to drink black coffee and grew up in a single-parent household in Dallas, Texas. As a result of growing up without a father, Williams now prides himself on emulating what it means to be a great father for his children.

Williams is not a career politician and understands how this may be a concern for members of his community but he says he is prepared to address and answer any questions doubting his candidacy for mayor. He encourages the community to contact him directly, including through text messages or meetings at “a coffee shop, a park or house it does not matter to me, I will go and meet anybody in my community.”

As part of his preparation for this mayoral run, Williams shared that he has spent the last four years in Pasadena studying the local political climate, and collecting data and resources.

One topic sparking conversation about Williams is his idea for “economic inclusion” in the city. Williams is advocating for The Pasadena Fund, which is his plan to present “opportunities that may bring financial empowerment to local residents giving them an alternative to combat rent increases through passive income.”

In an email Williams further explained the plan:

“The creation of this fund isn’t a new idea. It is a combination of crowdfunding with venture capital like principals. It is a flexible, multi-use residential fund that can be leveraged for citywide or nationwide investment opportunities. For example, residents can locate real estate properties and partner with The Pasadena Fund to purchase the property on their behalf as partners and split profits 70/30 upon resale of the purchased property. The fund will manage and oversee every deal each step of the way. The residential partners can submit low-risk deals with high profit or long term residual potential to the designated community board and the governing chair leaders for assessment.

“The goal for the fund is to make sound investments, allow more enrollments for residents who missed the first opportunity to join and continue to grow.”

Williams will be discussing The Pasadena Fund in greater detail and answering questions in a couple of weeks at the Friendship Baptist Church on Dayton Street in Pasadena. To obtain further details please visit his website at majorformayor.com/contact.

His campaign platform also includes mandatory government transparency, balancing the city’s budget, combating homelessness, and law enforcement accountability.

March 28, 2019

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  1. Scott Largent says:

    “Major Williams” is a fake name. His real name is Courtney LaPaul Williams. This man filed a court action late last year to change his first name in an obvious attempt to hide his true identity. His “Pasadena Fund” is scam designed to enrich himself. Finally, he is a registered Republican who aggressively supports Trump and Trump’s policies and is a participant in the scheme to get African Americans to abandon the Democrat Party.

    He’s a political con-man and should be and eventually will be exposed.

  2. John Gazabian says:

    It’s great he supports Trump, now he has my vote and my 35,000 followers. I hope he wins and we get rid of our current democratic scambag politicians, because they are nothing but poison.

  3. Mandy Fard says:

    I will admit that four or five years ago I was a die hard democrat. Time went by and as I continued to pay attention, I can say that I am no longer a die hard democrat… I will not admit to being a republican yet. but I am no longer seeing things the way I used to, five years ago. The idea of the fund is great, but 70/30 at the end? how about 60/40? 70/30 is too steep…

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