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Veronika MeowMeowz Crowned 2015-2016 Doo Dah Queen


– Photo by Terry Miller

By Terry Miller

Veronika MeowMeowz was officially crowned the 2015 Doo Dah Queen by 2014 Queen Narayana Sunday night after the legendary tryouts at the American Legion Hall in Pasadena.

The annual right-of-passage for many young (and old) Doo Dah hopefuls is, without doubt, one of the craziest parties of the year where just about anything goes … and did so on Sunday.

This year’s winner of the coveted title is “ a cross between Lady Gaga, Joan Jett and Stevie Nicks,” as one astute Doo Dah watcher noted. But Veronika insisted and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was the obvious choice.

Accompanied by a talented guitarist, Veronika MeowMeowz belted out something or other and was obviously very much in the moment.

Other contenders, such as the Russian Beauty, were deemed too classy for Doo Dah judge Tom Coston and despite the obvious male appreciation, she lost out to Veronika. Perestroika!

The perennial candidate, Count Smokula, made a valiant attempt to be the “Kink” of Doo Dah but was clearly outwitted by the considerable charms of the German Beer Keller girl.
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However, in the final analysis the overwhelming votes went to Veronika for her pizazz, creativity, and all around liveliness.

The Doo Dah Parade will be held Nov. 22, 2015 at 11 a.m. in East Pasadena.


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October 19, 2015

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4 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Veronika MeowMeowz Crowned 2015-2016 Doo Dah Queen”

  1. Dozens of fabulous shots of the Queen were taken and are clearly viewable in the gallery. Couldn’t you have chosen a more flattering photo for your article headline pic? Really? Great singing shots, emtional coronation, etc.. and you choose to crop a pic that was best for the cutting room floor. HEY, dont get me wrong: this was no beauty contest and I’m no model but come ON! KINDLY consider a photo edit. Fer cryin’ out loud. Many thanks!
    Queen Veronika MeowMeowz
    Visit me at my store MEOWMEOWZ! Retro 80s Thrift Shop in Pasadena

  2. Pasadena Independent says:

    Ok, since you’re the Queen…we’ll obey your every wish. It was just a funny photo…
    A more flattering one is posted on the page now.


  3. Pasadena Independent says:

    Funny, Queen Veronika…we are delighted that we’ve (i.e.me) been removed from the Tower of London’s waiting room. So Gracious of your Majesty. Now, on to the parade Nov 22.

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