‘PureGear’ Opens Smart Phone Accessory Store in East Pasadena

James Hsu of PureGear

Innovative, Ingenious, Smart, Very Smart

‘PureGear’ Opens Smart Phone Accessory
Store in East Pasadena

By Terry Miller

We’ve been watching, with considerable interest, a steady, healthy business growth in East Pasadena.

Recently, a new store recently caught our eye. The store, next to the popular Novel Café located at 1715 E. Colorado in Pasadena offers some remarkably simple, yet highly sought after smart phone accessories which, up until now, I had no idea I actually needed.

Within the last month, the premier PureGear Mobile Accessory Store opened in east Pasadena. According to their press release the company is “ Geared towards the on‐the go consumer looking for smart mobile phone accessories to simplify their life, PureGear combines innovative designs with added functions and features at affordable prices.”

These guys have really done their homework in this field. Just take a look at their website – It is a super website, informative without being over-the-top.
According to their research, the DualTek case is so darn good that an iPhone 4s survived a 22 foot drop unscathed thanks to the case. Plus it looks really cool too.
There are Smart Phones, Smart TVs, even “smart Cars” and some smart people who work with this really smart company to help protect and enhance those new phones on which we rely so heavily for just about everything in our lives. Yes, there’s an app. For that! Oh and as one executive quipped, “if push comes to shove, you can even make a call on the smart phones…but who needs to, you have text, email, voice sending, voice recognition; you can take a picture of your pay check and deposit it at will. With all the capabilities of the smart phone, who has time to use the phone function?”
Store manager James Hsu gave us a tour recently of the facility in East Pasadena. It is a bright, uncluttered and has the broad-spectrum appeal of an Apple Store… with cool things to try. A flat screen smart TV runs videos , some of which are on their web site just to whet your appetite for that latest innovations.

Whether its high quality bluetooths or a great little “kickstand” for your phone (so you can see and use it hands free on a desk or where ever you happen to be) or the purtek roll on screen protector ( this IS cool) which has received rave reviews from those in the know like The Gadgeteer and Gizmodo.

PureGear products are extremely well designed and practical in every sense of the word — with product features like added shock absorption material on the DualTek Extreme Shock Case for those inevitable, albeit accidental drops. The company also offers the easiest and most effective and protective roll‐on screen shield on the market today – this thing is amazing. Actually I’d go so far as to say, ingenious.
“Whether you’re a traveling business professional, multi‐tasking parent, active adventurer or all, our
goal at PureGear is to continually look for new innovative and sensible ways to enhance your mobile
device experience.” says Mike Cavanah, President of PureGear. “And, we are thrilled to open our very
first store for consumers to experience the quality and designs of our products firsthand.”
PureGear’s product lineup includes cases, headsets with in‐line mics, screen shield protection, chargers
and cables with products available for Apple, Blackberry, Motorola, Samsung and others. The store will
also offer phone repair services.

We tried their clever head sets with a tangle free design. Again, ingenious triangle design on the cord prevents tangles…this is as clever as clever gets. I can’t tell you how many “ear buds” I’ve simply discarded because they became tangled and subsequently lose their connection to the receiver.

1715 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena CA 91106
Store Hours: M‐Sat 11AM – 7PM, Sun 11AM ‐5PM

April 25, 2012

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