Police Credit the Quick Thinking of Two Civilians for Saving Suicidal Man

A witness was driving across the Colorado St. Bridge Tuesday evening when she saw a male hanging on the outside of the wrought iron railing of the Colorado Bridge. The witness got out of her car and engaged Armenta , 37 a Los Angeles resident, in conversation while she dialed 911 on her cell phone. Armenta was highly intoxicated and he continued to traverse the outside railing of the bridge as she talked to him. Another witness was walking across the bridge when he saw an individual trying to keep Armenta from jumping. The second passerby also tried talking to Armenta and was able to grab one of his wrists, through the wrought iron railing and hold onto him. Sergeant Roger Roldan arrived and grabbed Armenta’s arms, as well. Upon Officers Steven Rappuchi and Jose Calderon they also grabbed hold of Armenta and secured him from falling. Officers then secured Armenta to the wrought iron using hobbles and a climbing rope. Fire Department personnel arrived and were able to remove the wrought iron fence panel that Armenta was secured to and move him to safety. Armenta was transported to HMH for a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation.
Police credit the quick thinking actions of two civilians, and a number of police officers and firefighters for preventing Armenta from plunging 300 feet to his death.

August 9, 2012

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