Passion for Fashion that Changes Lifestyle of Everyone on the Planet

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Araneya Sidath Kumar, a resident of Arcadia, California, graduated with a BA in Fashion Design and an AA in Apparel Industry Management from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), Los Angeles.  Her skills, creative acumen and drive to learn resulted to be on the FIDM Honor Roll.

Araneya has achieved a very high level of accomplishment in the competitive and creative fashion industry to the extent that she has been recognized as outstanding in the field of fashion design. Being served for several apparel companies in California, Araneya is working on having an online clothing company for the community and the world. The collection is unique and sophisticated to meet the traditions of craftsmanship and contemporary fashion, incorporating rich aesthetics with extraordinary colors, quality of fabrics, and exclusive embroideries.

She made excellent presentations on the theme of “Tea with Fashion”  at the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Sierra Madre, While doing a family business “T_Neer” a modern elegant and fashionable Tea Room in the heart of Sierra Madre city.

Having gained extra-ordinary talent in the field of arts and fashion, Araneya wishes to share her knowledge and experience to the community.

Araneya says that fashion has had an evolution dating back to hundreds of years ago maintaining warmth quotient reflecting inner beauty and a way of life shimmering through. Fashion being an art of drapery gives a story, a regality story.

It is true that fashion emerges from the nature. During the Spring time,  when Araneya was walking down the streets in Arcadia, she came across a tree that was blooming with pink petals. It was a one of the most eye-catching tree she has ever seen and she stood there for a while admiring this magnificent tree, looking up at crystal clear blue sky through the soft pink petals. It was indeed a spectacular view.  She always says that the Arboretum in Arcadia has magnificent peacocks walking, dancing and displaying their vibrant fan of feathers with fashion, colorful flowers, beautiful butterflies and trees that have caught her eye.

Araneya went on to say that fashion is timeless. It has become an exciting, diverse and a broad-based global industry, which includes a vast spectrum of products such as textiles and clothing, costumes, footwear, sportswear, jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, watches, accessories, cosmetics, vintage collections etc. Fashion is for babies, children, young boys and girls, and adult men and women. She believes, there is something special in blending various cultures, people, and their stories. There is an abundance of inspiration through the concept of fashion.

Indeed, fashion changes the lifestyle of all human beings towards happiness. Being in fashion makes a pleasant and impressive working environment at any meetings, events, parties, and even at home.  It is true that the dresses or accessories we wear have a powerful psychological effect, as how they send signals to everyone projecting an image that one needs to display. Hence, Araneya advises that everybody can try his or her best to have great passion for fashion, and enjoy life.

May 17, 2018

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