Pasadena Star News Social Columnist Attempts to Bowdlerize Photographer

Perhaps it is the social columnist's initials that give her the inappropriate sense of authority

Pasadena Star News Social Columnist Attempts to Bowdlerize Photographer

On Sunday afternoon at the Fenyes Mansion, a celebration of 35 Years of Pasadena’s Doo Dah was held to help raise funds for a new exhibit at Pasadena Museum of History which is slated to open August 18.
Doo Dah Royalty from past, present and future were in attendance as Doo Dah Grand Poo-Bah, (aka Tom Coston) read an amusing, albeit absurd, article from the Pasadena Star News from 35 years ago which blasted the irreverent Doo Dah parade’s inception and creativity and calling it an insult to the Rose Parade, among other things. ‘Boo to the Star News,’ was the order of the day after Coston read the ridiculous review circa 1982.
It was clear that the Star News was still out of touch back in the day when rebellion and parody was king, or should I say Queen.
Ironically, a Star News gossip columnist, who shall remain nameless (you know who you are) attempted the thwart the photo editor for this newspaper from making an image of some former Doo Dah queens during this celebration by placing her hand over the lens of said shooter.
Perhaps she was upset that Coston read that PSN story aloud, to the masses in attendance.
The image shown here, tells the story of censorship, quite unlike anything we’ve seen in Pasadena. This terribly self-important wordsmith was attempting to set up an “exclusive” posed shot in a private party setting, as several others (including Beacon lens man) were also taking snapshots of the very same scene. Methinks this hardly a very good reason to expurgate, dear social columnist.
However, in her infinite and self- important wisdom, she decided she’d take matters into her own hands, literally, in an attempt to stop our photographer from shooting an image which she felt was hers and hers alone.
She (PD) could have no idea on what he was actually focusing on and certainly he would not have wanted the same posed shot as another paper. Word of advice…don’t touch a photojournalist’s equipment – ever!
The ensuing post-thwarting attempt chit-chat was rather amusing, to say the least and the scandalmonger proceeded to embellish the truth, attempting to defend what can only be described as inexcusable and unprofessional behavior.
Beacon’s photographer had firmly advised the social Communist (I mean columnist)that this behavior was unacceptable . It became immediately apparent that the PSN rumor writer had accused him of threatening to “slap her in the face”, which, of course, he did not nor would under any circumstances.
As with all Doo Dah events, this will go down in history as one of the more absurd moments. God help us in this profession when a so called reporter with the initials PD attempts to censor. Mind Boggling!

July 5, 2012

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