Pasadena Sandwich Company’s 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Share A Meal program underway

DSC_8747Pasadena Sandwich Company 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Share A Meal program underway
By Terry Miller

There are some pretty extraordinary people in just about every community in the United States. Some, however, truly stand out from the crowd. Pasadena Sandwich Company is one such shining example. Facing the tragic loss years ago of the patriarch of Pasadena Sandwich Company, the family-owned business stepped up and discovered a world previously unknown.
The Pasadena Sandwich Company has been a fixture in Pasadena since 1995 as a family owned and operated business. Steve Fink learned the deli business from his parents in the 1950s before opening his own for the Pasadena lunch crowd so he could be home for family dinners. Steve was diagnosed with Amyloidosis (a rare disease that occurs when a substance called amyloid builds up in your organs) in 2009; so late in the lifespan of the disease that his treatment options were limited and he succumbed in 2010.
While obviously distressed by the loss of their father, Meghan and Kaytee, along with Nicole and Jonathan, turned their sadness into hope and helped raise research dollars to combat the deadly disease. They also combined forces with actor Michael York who just happens to be battling the same disease that took the life of their father.
That coalition and the Stephen E. Fink Memorial Fund’s goals to bring greater awareness, research and treatment to Amyloidosis, have altered lives around the globe.
The family continues its deep commitment to community with an annual Thanksgiving program where they feed hundreds of needy families in the area.
This year is Pasadena Sandwich Company’s 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Share a Meal where they feed Families in transition, deemed by the Pasadena Unified School District as those who could really use a warm meal.
This day makes such a difference in the lives of so many people. The families who attend are touched by the generosity of the community, and all the people who help PSC put this event on and volunteer remember what this day is truly about, giving back. This year’s event is on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014. “We are so excited to give these families a day that will not only make them smile, fill their stomachs, and bring them together in a stress-free environment, but will remind everyone that family comes first and celebrating together is what fills all of our hearts with love, “ said Meghan Fink of Pasadena Sandwich Company.
They are accepting foods, goods and/or money to feed about 350 people from our Pasadena community this year. Volunteers will also be needed. Meghan, Kaytee, Nicole, and Johnathan Fink genuinely believe everyone should know about families in their communities that are underprivileged and just trying to survive. “Let’s shake the world and give back,” says the Fink Family.
Pasadena Sandwich Company. Their motto says it all. “Proud to serve our Community…”
259 Sierra Madre Villa, Pasadena. Please call 626-578-1616 for additional details.

October 1, 2014

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