Pasadena Pacers Walk Too

Pasadena Pacers Walk Too

After local chiropractor Harrison Darling injured her knee, she thought her running days were over—at least for a while. “I’ve been a runner for 25 years. I have run 2 full marathons and I don’t even remember how many half marathons,” says Dr Darling. “So when the founder of the [Pasadena] Pacers approached me to start up a walking club it was a perfect fit as I needed to rehab my knee and wanted to do some community service.”

The Pasadena Pacers is a free running club that was established 16 years ago by Dr Steve Smith, DC. The club meets rain or shine every Saturday morning at 7am at the picnic tables south of the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center. The walking club meets at the same time and place.

Dr Darling has ambitious hopes for the new walking club. “We will eventually have three programs to take our members from ‘couch potatoes’ to half marathoners.” No offense to couch potatoes of course. The first program or “challenge” runs over 12 weeks and takes a participant from couch potato to being able to run a 10K (6.2 miles). The second challenge takes another 12 weeks to go from 10K to 10 miles. And the last challenge takes 12 weeks to go from 10 mile to half marathon.

These challenges are open to anyone, and you don’t have to be interested in anything more than walking to participate. The club is in the middle of the first challenge right now, and can add new walkers who want to walk either more or less or who want to join the program where they are. The Pasadena Pacers does not charge any fees so participation is completely voluntary. Donations are accepted.

”As a health care professional, one of my biggest challenges is getting my patients moving. Walking is a simple exercise that almost anyone can do, it’s inexpensive, it’s fun and it can have a profound effect on your health.” Dr Darling explains that walking as a group keeps everyone motivated and committed.

Interested walkers are invited to show up (look for the group in the red shirts). Wear comfortable clothing, a hat, sunscreen, and bring water. For more information call Harrison Darling, DC at (626) 798-7805 or email her at mydarlingchiro@yhahoo.com. For information about the Pacers, visit Pasadenapacers.org.

July 20, 2012

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