Partnership Agreement between United States Department of State And Pasadena Police Department Slated

Partnership Agreement between United States Department of State
And Pasadena Police Department Slated

On Wednesday, July 25, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) William R. Brownfield and City of Pasadena, Chief of Police Phillip L. Sanchez will sign a partnership agreement.
This partnership agreement between INL and Pasadena Police enables INL to utilize the knowledge and expertise of active serving police officers to train, advise, and mentor foreign law enforcement personnel as part of the Department of State’s numerous foreign assistance programs to further civilian security.
Assistant Secretary Brownfield will recognize the Pasadena Police Department for its recent assistance to the Department of State in sending one of Pasadena’s finest police officers to support INL’s police programs in Jamaica where the officer advised the U.S. Embassy and Jamaica’s Constabulary Police Force.
“The collaboration between the Pasadena Police Department and the State Department INL program highlights the talented and skilled officers within the agency. This partnership enhances the advancement of international training,” said Chief of Police Phillip L. Sanchez.
INL has established relationships with state and local law enforcement, corrections, prosecutorial, and other specialized justice sector institutions to leverage their expertise in support of the Department of State’s foreign assistance goals. The State Department pays the salaries of state and local officers while they are deployed. Details of these programs and exchanges are at http://www.state.gov/j/inl/civ/index.htm

July 20, 2012

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