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Mayor Bill Bogaard will not run for re-election;

Photo by Terry Miller

Photo by Terry Miller

Mayor Bill Bogaard will not run for re-election;
Popular Mayor has served city for 16 years

City of Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard has announced his decision not to seek re-election after serving nearly 16 years as the City’s first, and (until now) only directly elected mayor in the City’s history.
Bogaard is sending a two-page letter to many of his long-time friends and supporters in which he shares with them “a reluctant decision” not to seek re-election for a fifth term as Mayor. A copy of the letter is attached with this news release.
“There is never a good time for a decision like this and so, after lots of thinking and often conferring with many of you, I have reached a reluctant decision not to run for re-election,” Mayor Bogaard wrote. “I don’t want to look back and find I stayed too long and I want to go on to other activities which will include much more time spent with Claire (Mrs. Bogaard) and the other members of our family.”
Mayor Bogaard shared that the ongoing economic challenges means this is not the perfect time for him to step away, but he encouraged City officials to continue maintaining a strong fiscal condition and “pursue a strong local economy” plus youth development programs; strong public education; affordable housing and homeless services; renewable energy sources, water conservation; and planning and zoning guidelines “that protect and strengthen the character of our city.”
City Manager Michael J. Beck praised Mayor Bogaard for his leadership as the City’s top elected official, providing a positive and inclusive influence for the City during challenging economic times and tough budget choices; high-profile projects including the Rose Bowl Pavilion renovation, the Convention Center and Gold Line expansion projects and the long-term revitalization of Old Pasadena and the Playhouse District.
“You cannot overstate the profound impact that Mayor Bogaard has had in virtually every major accomplishment in Pasadena over the past 15 years. Pasadena would not be recognized as a national role model city without Mayor Bogaard’s leadership,” Beck said. “Mayor Bogaard embodies the best qualities that people want in an elected official.”
Mayor Bogaard began his first four-year term as Pasadena’s first directly elected mayor in 1999. He is currently completing his fourth four-year term. He serves as chair of Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative, a technology enterprise incubator and workforce development program, and the City’s Emergency Services Council. He is a member of the Gold Line Foothill Construction Authority and serves on the boards for the Pasadena Educational Foundation and the Pasadena YMCA. In 1997, the City of Pasadena granted him its highest civic recognition, the Arthur Noble Award.

September 2, 2014

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