Lucky Baldwin’s Pub and Other Pasadena Restaurants Confused by City’s Emergency Mandate

Peggy Simonian, Lucky Baldwin’s owner-Photo by Terry Miller

By Terry Miller

While Governor Newsom’s press conference Sunday put some panic in local restaurants and pubs in the San Gabriel Valley, it seems that there was/is no official mandate to close, at least until noon today, when Pasadena city told restaurants they have to follow New York’s lead and do take out only and close all bars. It is stunning and causing emergency meetings of restaurant owners to figure out how they can survive such mandates.

Council will hold a special meeting at 11:30 Tuesday at city hall, where presumably the Mayor Terry Tornek will be after his trip to Africa.

 British Pub Lucky Baldwin’s owner, Peggy Simonian remains cautiously optimistic about the future during this outbreak but obviously upset about the misinformation and the emergency directive from the city manager, Steve Mermell. We spoke to Simonian Monday afternoon:

“It has been chaotic and super stressful.  Everyone has many questions and I simply do not have answers, as this is changing every day, every hour.  It is very difficult to even plan what to do when authorities send out public messages to close restaurants and bars. …but still support local businesses by ordering take out?  Isn’t this a mixed message of sorts?  Still bring in staff, and have everything available to go – and sit and wait for orders – that is not my business model.  The restaurant business is the hardest hit in this situation, and especially when it employees so many people in this industry. 

Employees are panicking because of their loss in earnings, but they all very understanding of the situation. A lot of them live hand to mouth and don’t have savings they can rely on.  I am in a very difficult position – we are trying to be responsible and are offering food to go.  I am also offering our own delivery service.    So ordering to go will definitely help us in keeping our doors open and provide work for employees.  This past weekend customers were still actively visiting all locations, and were honoring social distancing. 

We are social creatures and honestly I am not sure how long everyone is going to be willing to stay home before going completely mad!

{We’re}Just taking this one day at a time and being prepared to think on the fly and make necessary adjustments.  With the city’s declaration for take-out service only…  Seriously it’s putting us all in a frenzy.  With St Patrick’s tomorrow its really affected our business.  We will be offering Corned Beef and Cabbage and Irish Stew and have prepared for this day.  Ask me on Wednesday how it’s going ……….urgh!”

Peggy Simonian: Lucky Baldwin’s Pubs

 This is a rapidly developing story and there are several meetings taking place today and tomorrow with restaurant owners. We will update this story when we have more information to share with our readers.

March 16, 2020

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