Election Day Concerns; Local Cities Monitoring

Los Angeles County Arboretum see early voting Monday – Photo by Terry Miller

78 million Americans have already voted, putting the U.S. on pace to witness its highest-turnout election

By Terry Miller

The city of Pasadena, like all San Gabriel Valley cities, is preparing for voters to not be intimidated thus ensuring a positive and peaceful public experience of the most important right, the right to Vote.

The stakes are high in the 2020 election. But the historic turnout has been challenged by a wide range of tactics to suppress voters, particularly voters in communities of color.

Voters have faced hours-long lines, intimidation and rejection at the polls, and received false information that sought to discourage people from voting.

In St. Petersburg, Florida, two people dressed as armed security guards were reported outside an early voting site on Oct. 21.

The man and woman told police they were hired by President Donald Trump’s campaign, according to local media reports. Trump’s campaign, however, told WFLA that it did not employ the two people

“Civil rights advocates, election experts, and government officials have expressed heightened concerns following President Donald Trump’s recent call for his supporters to “go into the polls and watch” for possible voting fraud, as well as his reelection campaign’s recruitment and training what it has called an “army” of supporters to become poll watchers. And they are working hard to make sure Americans know their rights when they get to the polls and know how to protect them,” according to Good Morning America’s Briana Stewart.

This year of political contention, divisiveness and false narratives has put many people feeling vulnerable. In some states the hours-long wait to vote can be a deterrent and to others false information about mail-in votes has confused voters.

The current administration has played hard-ball when it comes to absentee and mail in ballots, calling the process a ‘rigged election.’

In addition, Trump has requested an “army” of poll watchers be present election day, whatever that means.

Then we had that cop in full uniform, who donned a MAGA hat and mask attempting to vote. He’s been placed on suspension. ­

The system is far from perfect but every four years there’s a General Election and state and local municipalities are doing their very best to get every vote counted.

“We have no indication of any activity that would disrupt our business districts or our neighborhoods; however, we are monitoring the situation constantly.   Our priority is the safety and security of our community. We want to ensure a positive voting experience for our public, but we are always prepared for any potential disruptions. We take pride in hosting large scale events at the Rose Bowl and Convention Center and the renowned Tournament of Roses Parade where countless hours of preparedness and training help produce safe events.  Our Police Department is in contact with federal, state, county and regional law enforcement representatives to stay up to date with any local concerns. We have a robust communications plan in place should public notification alerts be necessary. Our City looks forward to locals participating in the voting process on Tuesday, ” City of Pasadena, Lisa Derderian.

October 29, 2020

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