El Monte Police Captain Ken Alva Retires After 33 Years of Service to City

A beautiful relationship that started on Valentine’s Day in 1979 is coming to an end.
El Monte Police Department Captain Ken Alva is retiring after 33 years of service to the City. He was honored by family, friends, City staff and fellow police officers at a retirement dinner July 21.
His last day on the job is Thursday, June 28.
“Little did I know that I was beginning, not only a job, but also a 33-year relationship with this wonderful community,” Alva said. “I have been blessed with many great friends and amazing experiences that I will cherish forever.”
Alva thanks and praises the support he received from the Kiwanis Club, FEMPKA, the police chaplains, the Mounted Police Volunteers and Volunteers Caring and Patrolling (VCAPs) organizations, and the El Monte Police Explorers.
“I fondly reflect on current and past members from the department, each leaving a lasting impression on me,” Alva said. “I especially would like to acknowledge my training officer, Dennis Turner, whose instruction set a solid foundation for my career.”
He is grateful for the opportunities that were granted to him by all the Chiefs he served under, including current Chief Steven Schuster. He also served under Tom Armstrong, Ken Weldon, Bill Ankeny and Wayne C. Clayton.
“Each one of them left a lasting impression on me,” he said. “I also have to thank my mentor, (retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Commander) David Gomez for his sage counsel and insight.”
He also credits his “amazing” parents, Jesse and Carmen, for exemplifying “responsibility and service to the community.”
“My brothers, Robert, Randy, Dennis and I are blessed to have been raised and inspired by them,” Alva said. “(But) I would be nothing without my beautiful wife, Laura,” he added. “She and our four children, Elaine, Kathleen, Joe and Jessica make me the luckiest man in the world.”
Alva is looking forward to his retirement and what lies ahead.
“I am honored to have been part of the history of this great City,” he said. “It is with gratitude for the past and confidence in the future, that I begin a new path. I would like to thank those that accompanied me on the journey.”

July 5, 2012

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