Coldwell Banker’s Arcadia Office to Make Their 24th Annual Trip to The Union Rescue Mission

Coldwell Banker’s Arcadia Office to Make Their 24th Annual Trip to
The Union Rescue Mission

On Monday December 19th, Dean Griffith and a group of real estate agents from Coldwell Banker’s Arcadia Regional Office will make their annual holiday trip to the Los Angeles Union Rescue Mission. Dean and his fellow agents are collecting clothes, blankets, toys, and any cash or checks that you would like to donate to the Mission. Last year they collected 5 truckloads of clothing & blankets and approximately $2000 in donations for the mission.

Dean Griffith

The annual “Trip to the Mission” was started 24 years ago by Bruce Pfeiffer, an agent in Coldwell Banker’s Arcadia Regional Office. After 20 years of leading the trip to the mission, Bruce handed over his duties to Dean. The Union Rescue Mission’s efforts are focused on reducing homelessness throughout LA County and specifically Skid Row. Currently, Los Angeles County has 3% of the nation’s total population, but 10% of its homeless population.

Bruce Pfeiffer

Coldwell Banker’s Arcadia Regional Office is located at 15 E Foothill Blvd in Arcadia and you can bring your donations into the office until Monday December 19th at 9:00am. If you need assistance or would like your donations to be picked up you can contact Dean Griffith at (626) 664-9163.

December 7, 2011

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