Why Is It a Good Practice to Be a Constant Learner?

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A few hundred years ago, people did not have access to as much information as we do today. The only way that you could learn something was by going to school and reading books. This was a problem because not everybody had access to a great education and reading books meant that you had to buy them.

Nowadays you can read a short guide about motorcycle goggles on the internet, but back then, if you wanted to buy something, you did not have access to such information. The world has changed and we have a lot of learning opportunities that we do not take because we do not have the habit of being constant learners.

Yes, it is a habit and we will tell you how developing this habit will help you in the long run.

Can we learn forever?

Even though it has been previously believed that we lose the capacity of learning and forming new neural pathways during adulthood, new research has shown that we can learn new things throughout our lifetime, even at 90.

Many researchers have studied how learning a new language or how learning to play an instrument at an old age can help the brain and they have concluded that these activities form new neural pathways and connections in our brains and can help prevent memory loss and diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Furthermore, learning something new at an old age can prevent boredom and make us feel less useless. A problem that some seniors have is that they feel like their life has ended when they retired, so learning something new can give them a curiosity boost and give them a sense of purpose.

How can it influence your career?

Learning something new can also come with some other type of reward. It gives you an advantage when it comes to finding a job. This can mean that you can learn something that is related to your current work field and it is needless to say that the more you know, the more proficient you become and companies will be eager to work with you.

On the other hand, learning something entirely different from your work can also be an asset. If for some reason your work field will hit rock bottom or you simply feel at some point that you are tired of doing the same thing every day, you can always start over with the knowledge you have in a totally different domain.

Furthermore, developing the ability to learn new things is a quality that most interviewers look for in an employee. And even if something goes wrong and you realize that the job you currently have is not for you, you know that you have the ability to learn new things and change your life.

Can learning make you happy?

Scientists have researched how different neurotransmitters involved in happiness are working inside our brains and have concluded that information has the same effect on the brain as eating or drinking. This means that becoming a constant learner can help you keep high levels of these neurotransmitters.

Learning new things can also give you a feeling of self-worth and help you enjoy all of life’s beautiful aspects, aspects that you have never thought of researching. You can find out how things in nature work, how your brain works or how to build a robot.

It doesn’t matter what you learn as long as you are passionate about it. Especially now, when you can find all the information you need about almost anything on the internet and in public libraries and even the opportunity of taking free courses and university modules online.

May 20, 2020

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