Senate Education Committee Approves Holden’s Bill to Provide High School Students with College Opportunity

Assemblymember Chris Holden’s (D-Pasadena) bill to expand pathways for high school students who want to pursue college courses or career tech classes was unanimously approved in the Senate Education Committee today.
AB 1451 enhances concurrent enrollment opportunities by encouraging school districts and community colleges to enter into formal partnership agreements that outline the terms and goals of the partnership.
“It is well known that universities are offering more remedial education than ever, and that college students are taking longer to graduate, accruing more student loan debt,” explained Assemblymember Holden. “Numerous studies show that concurrent enrollment programs decrease the time that students take to graduate, increase student confidence, increase average GPAs, and increase the likelihood of graduation from college.”
The Senate Ed Committee also approved Holden’s AB 1557 which asks the Governor to consider appointing individuals to the Community College Board of Governors who reflect our diverse populations, including but not limited to: disabled persons, veterans, and the spectrum of races and genders.

June 18, 2014

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