PUSD Slashes 26 Classified Positions

Cuts within the district will start in June. – Courtesy photo / Facebook, @JohnMuirHS

Cuts include special education instructional aides

By Terry Miller

Major Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) budget cuts have troubled the School Board and community for years as well as the real possibility that the county step-in and take over the beleaguered district with its budgetary woes but, miraculously, that was averted at the 11th hour.

The Board did, however, eliminate a number of jobs; discontinued general education bus service, made cuts to numerous programs, and closed Cleveland Elementary School last fiscal year.

Now, to take affect on June 25, 2019, PUSD approved the following additional 24 cuts:

  • One (1) bilingual technician.
  • One (1) clerk typist.
  • One (1) computer learning specialist.
  • One (1) custodian.
  • One (1) custodian.
  • One (1) district translator/interpreter.
  • One (1) Eligibility Technician.
  • One (1) food service assistant.
  • One (1) food service worker.
  • One (1) health clerk.
  • One (1) human resources assistant.
  • One (1) human resources technician.
  • Three (3) instructional aide – special education.
  • One (1) instructional aide.
  • One (1) library coordinator.
  • One (1) library coordinator.
  • One (1) library coordinator.
  • One (1) office manager.
  • One (1) parent/community liaison bilingual.
  • One (1) program assistant.
  • One (1) school community assistant.
  • One (1) school community assistant/bilingual.
  • Two (2) senior administrative assistants.
April 30, 2019

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