Michael Roberts returns to San Gabriel Valley on Suicide prevention, Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Local motivational and inspirational speaker Michael Roberts will be in Pasadena this August.
The product of divorced parents, alcohol and drug abuse led Michael Roberts to a suicide attempt by jumping off a 250 foot cliff—but he lived to tell the tale.

Roberts grew up with divorced, alcoholic and abusive parents. Michael turned to drugs and alcohol at an early age, and by 13 years old he was an alcoholic, by 15 he started using drugs and by 17 he attempted suicide. With no discipline and the freedom to do whatever he wanted, alcohol and drugs became his way of life.
His soon-to-be released book will explain the dark paths that he once chose. “This is exactly why I help educate youths and people on this demon-filled disease so they don’t chose those same dark paths,” Roberts says.
For more information 310-890-3348 or

Roberts will be speaking on Thursday, August 21 from 12:00pm – 1:30pm at The University Club of Pasadena, 175 North Oakland Ave, Pasadena. There will be free parking in the lot next to the building and the speaking event is free. For further information, please contact Casey Gregg at 626-449-2919 ext.117. Your attendance will be supporting The Kiwanis Club of Pasadena.

All summer long Michael will be making guest appearances at The Green Oasis Farm in Fillmore helping the youths pick their own fruits and vegetables and mentoring them in choosing those right paths of life. If you have a group of youths who wish to enjoy this farm and have some mentoring time with Michael, please contact him directly.

July 21, 2014

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